Introduction? what introduction? I don’t need no stinking introduction.

Well, where to begin? How about you write something. OK this is my first foray into blogging and lets just say that I’d like to see if the strength with words which I’ve been so often told I have really holds up here.
Back in the day I would write all the time. To a certain extent I still do today. A writer friend of mine  would call it “journaling”. I thought it was an apt title. For me it was a way to express things that were on my mind and it may be an avenue to promote things that I’m into, or it could just be musings of a somewhat off kiltered  mind. Only time will tell. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that things I might write about will have certain truths to them. I tend to say whats on my mind but it is not my intention to do harm. That is unless I’m calling out someone or something  specifically. So with that in mind, we move forward.

Ready, Steady, Blog




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